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Evolution of dance - over aeons, everywhere

Stylization par excellence

Dance aesthetics - loukik and aloukik  


'Online Culture': The idea whose time has come

Bengal's Milton - icon of rebellion

How Gita Govinda colored my life

The Immanent and Immaculate One

Dance at dawn

Surrender to the Supreme

Mahatma through dancers' prism

Breaking gender barriers

Bipin Singh: A lodestar in dancers' constellation

Odissi's breath of fresh air

New Muse for new normal

Remapping routes in a warped world

A triptych of femininity

The plain speaking puppets

Monsoon melody from corona crescent

Excellent exotica

Cloud messenger from beyond borders

Re-imagining the pastoral god

Colors of classical choreography

Chiaroscuro of classical cadenza

Dancers' sojourn in distressed days

Two titans and their travelogues

Surreally virtual!


Ineffable echo from an effusive era

A taste of Kathakali

Yog Sunder: The dancer extraordinary

Virtual, with visual variety

Virtual and virtuoso

Jewel from Manipur treasure trove

Fine filigree of vintage Manipuri

Outdancing our exceptional times

Kapila Vatsyayan - My lifetime mentor

Kathak and Dhrupad: Hand in hand

New normal: Dancing behind doors

The theatre colossus I knew

An audio-video-choreo trio

Both acerbic and cathartic

Classicism alongside regional flavors

Looking anew at the dance scene 

Dance: visceral, visual, ritual

Music of the Spheres

Of dancing gene and Varnam mime

Dissecting society's underbelly


Choreographic foray: Contemporary, classical

Feminine Vanguard of Kolkata theatre

Pickle Factory's Potpourri

Mediating among media

From Novelty to Eternity

Other theatres - symbolic, magic

Values across millennia - feminism, feudalism

Start-up nurturing nascent talents

Warped world vs. youth power

Parallel streams - creative and classical

Theatre experiences - folk, freak and Greek

Some charming colors and cadences

The pleasant and the poignant

Social mirror - real and surreal

Sudraka's glimpses into ancient society

Family bonds under lens

A medley of classical dances 

A fairy tale and a morality play

Delving into Partition's realpolitik

Creative dances surging ahead!

Tribute to Kalanidhi Maami and Rasa Purna Festival

The Lyrical and the Intellectual

Social and metaphysical narratives in Odissi

Unrequited Love, Unrelenting bigotry

The Youth Brigade of Odissi

Seven Nymphs from Manipur

The Quintessential Calcutta

Colours of Kashmiriyat


Adoration and Abstraction

The Theatre of Femininity

Dream and iconoclasm

When Kerala connected Kolkata

Delving tradition, deconstructing Ramayana

The political spectra 

A post-Plassey phantasmagoria

Creativity in classical orbs

The spark and the sparkle

Fury, frustration and family heirloom

Fluent, fragrant, flamboyant

Obeisance to an icon

A Kathak-Bharatanatyam jugalbandi

Love is like a red, red rose

The good, the bad and the ugly

Damnation to Redemption

Opulent Odissi 

Folk divas from Bangladesh drama

Many and Mono

Freud and Flashback - Glimpses into World Drama

Ravaged land, scarred psyche 

Portrait of a tortured artist

Fantasy: The Ominous and the Hilarious

Masks marking obscurantism

Masquerade of grandiose dreams

Is classical dance changing guard?

Death and Resurrection

Folk Art embodying eternal spirit

Bonding with Global Theatre

Delving into Folk roots

Real and the Surreal: 8th Theatre Olympics, Part II

Agony and Atonement: 8th Theatre Olympics, Part I

Sensibilities of a Modern Man

Collage of cadences 

The making of Mahagami

Rediscovering a scholarly legacy

Classical and contemporary conundrums

Mellow breeze from Manipur

The Yuletide Cadenza


From Birth to Regeneration

Mask and masquerade

Housing tradition and innovation

Tagore, the early women's libber 

From roots to efflorescence

Post Uday Shankar, any which way?

Dissolving borders

The Choreography Connect

Voice and vision of Bhakta Salbeg

A pedigree ensemble’s classical filigree

An epic spectacle nonpareil

Sparkle of Kathak - Gharana or Otherwise

Gods through syncretic prism

Fragrance of Fifty Roses

Ushering in Seasons

Sparks of passion

A limitless lustre of love 

Moods, Movements and Melodies

Magical, Mystical, Monumental

The Courtesan Extraordinaire

The Spring Mood

Male messengers of the muse

Twin yarns of empowered Eves

Tiptoe into my parlour

Changing faces of Kathak Kendra

Of Earth, Earthy...


Away from performance arena

Stirrings and Stillness, Sounds and Silence

Holding a legacy aloft

Re-imagining Tagore in style

Tremors from borderlands

Traipsing into light

Creatrix of universe

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