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By Shanta Serbjeet Singh
will explore, investigate and elucidate cultural news straight from the heart of imperial Delhi

This column will explore, investigate and elucidate cultural news straight from the heart of imperial Delhi, its corridors of power, its newly spruced up galleries of officialdom at the Shastri Bhavans and the Azad Bhavans, from all those fiefdoms of policy-making where they first take birth, are shaped and minted. It will also bring you details of mega sarkari events such as festivals and special celebrations, much before they happen, to empower the creative person.

The importance of culture as an arm of diplomacy can best be illustrated by the fact that P Chidambram, our erstwhile Finance Minister, doubled the budget of ICCR last year without even being asked to do so - definitely a first of its kind! The world of creativity is too important to India's health to be denied its right to transparency. Mind you, it never was a strong point in any department of our civic life and certainly not a concern of the power elite.With the media, the only watchdog that we had earlier, having shut its doors to serious cultural issues and replaced them with "entertainment," a euphemism for soft porn, it is now a free-for-all situation. Those of us who value our artistes and their contribution to the Idea of India, then, have to find alternate forums for having our voice heard.

Reflections on beauty as an element of aesthetics

Sangeet Natak Akademi's New General Council

"Sastric Tradition in Indian Classical Dances"

Parkaya's 3rd edition marks coming of age of the 'thinking' dancer

The Rolls Royce and Indian Royalty

Reborn…a modern look at an ancient thought

In God's own country

Ending 2010 on a note of hope

The Long March Art Project

The Games they play

Why some art practices and usages evolved the way they did!

Politics touches even the 1000 year old Brihadeeswara Temple

The story of the Shehnai through the eyes of Rita Ganguli

Attendance male focus issue gets rousing Delhi launch

Commonwealth Games celebrates concept of 'Wheel of Life'

Chinese contemporary art on an upward swing

The 12th APPAN festival in the Himalayas
(Re)Discovering the line where culture meets life

Rumi on Wheels

Of festivals and politics

Mass production or produced by the masses?

Of Raja Ravi Varma's nubile maidens and apsaras of dance

When the arts do more than entertain: They heal!

Karnad's Broken Images explores crisis of identity

Of Butoh and Japanese aesthetics

Saroj Khan's Matak-Jhatak

Heritage preserved, heritage polluted

Doordarshan Archives, a national treasure, is rolling!

Culture with a new face

Picasso in the raw comes to town

Merce Cunningham remembered with Mahamrityunjaya

SNA expands the Awards canvas

'Jiyo!' Rajiv Sethi corporatizes crafts and heritage

At last - Gen Next sprouts new Kansens

Renuka and the King of Siam

The Sangeet Natak Akademi undergoes the rites of passage
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