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We feature the timeline of all the news reports
surrounding the Kalakshetra incidents
starting from March 21, 2023.
The story continues to evolve.

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.
-  James Baldwin

All great changes are preceded by chaos.
- Deepak Chopra

Anita Ratnam

Each month, I have shared my thoughts and views on various events and issues that relate to the global world of Indian dance. This portal started as a phone directory and has grown to become so much more to a whole generation.

In spite of being a multi hyphenate artiste, I realise the enormous new energy that is surrounding us at every turn. As much as I would like to imagine that I can keep up with the rapid changes afoot in every phase of our artistic lives, it is clear that there IS a generation divide and I cannot morph or reinvent endlessly to keep pace with the blur of hyper activity. It is confusing, confounding but it is also a certainty.

What do young dancers want to hear, watch, listen and read? The foremost target is to dance - to perform - to share - to shine and to smile in the glow of the spotlight.
The opportunities seem to have exploded but is it a bubble? Is Social media giving us the ILLUSION of change like a shimmering Chimera while the ground reality is much the same?
Yet, we turn to our SM handles to verify one's identity and it IS the new calling card. Like it or not, we are now an ALGORITHM to a giant robot sitting somewhere in Silicon Valley.

There are several young Indian dancers in the USA who do not know who I am and who are not familiar with NARTHAKI! Smack on face! There goes my ego!

While I ponder on that, let me continue...

Read on...

Anita Ratnam



Ranga Mandira presented TEXTURES OF TRADITIONS
cultural festival that celebrated the richness of arts and crafts featuring performances, workshops, conversations and craft bazaar, on September 16 & 17, 2023 in Chennai.
Photos courtesy: Ranga Mandira


Seeing the elephant (dance)
- Bill Bissell
Over the last several years, I have come to appreciate non-Western and traditional dance forms in a way that significantly counteracts the “art fatigue” I feel toward much contemporary Western dance.

Performing arts in the Diaspora: Constricting hybridity
- Rajika Puri
Time was when in the countries of the Indian Diaspora, the terms ‘Indian’ and ‘performing arts’ made one think of traditional - largely ‘classical’ - forms of music and dance, with theatre subsumed under the latter category.

Arshiya Sethi: Oct 3
Sudha Chandrasekhar: Oct 4
Madhavi Mudgal: Oct 4
Roja Kannan: Oct 6
Raja Reddy: Oct 6
Shama Bhate – Oct 6
Kiran Subramanyam: Oct 8
Chitra Visweswaran: Oct 12
Rathna Kumar: Oct 27
Hema Rajagopalan: Oct 28

"In the world of the performing arts, no presentation remains static after its premiere, because there is no end to creativity and no limits to perfection."
- Rama Vaidyanathan
('A Constellation of Brilliance' by Aanchal Shetty, NCPA’s Onstage, Oct 2023)

Narthaki is a true asset for dancers in India and worldwide.
- Bindu Rajendren (Mohiniattam dancer, Australia)

Ramalingeswara temple, Kolar, Karnataka
Ramalingeswara temple, Kolar, Karnataka

Photo: Vyjayanthi Kashi

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