Welcome to the first in a series of intimate first -person sharings from dancer daughters. These talented and determined women take time to acknowledge the contribution their mothers made in the shaping and making of their dance careers. As with all mothers, the supervision went much further than the dance studio and stage. Meenakshi Chittaranjan, Bharatanatyam dancer and guru, inaugurates our monthly column on the women who birthed us who stood by us until the end... our mothers!
Enjoy and send us your comments.
Anita R Ratnam
Managing Editor

To Mother, with love
- Srinidhi Chidambaram
e-mail: dr.srinidhi@gmail.com 

Spontaneous, yet measured
- Chitra Chandrasekhar Dasarathy
e-mail: chitracdasarathy@gmail.com

Blessed to be the daughter of Jayalakshmi
- Urmila Sathyanarayanan
e-mail: urmila.sathyanarayanan@gmail.com

My mother, My dance
- Jothi Raghavan
e-mail: jothi_nrityanjali@yahoo.com

The journey continues
-  Malavika Sarukkai
e-mail: malavikama@gmail.com

Oh, how I miss you! 
- Ananda Shankar Jayant
e-mail: ananda.jayant@gmail.com

Iím also coming!
- Rama Vaidyanathan
e-mail: vaidyanathan.rama@gmail.com

My Mother
- Ramli Ibrahim
e-mail: ramlii@gmail.com

Mother and daughter or daughter and mother? 
- Aniruddha Knight
e-mail: aniruddhaknight@gmail.com

She showed me the way
- Vinay Kumar
e-mail: vkvinayadishakti@gmail.com

Parvati, my rock!
- Geeta Chandran
e-mail: geetachandran@gmail.com

My mother is my Rock of Gibraltar
- Alarmel Valli

For the rain to restÖ: A tribute to N. Nagalakshmi
- Ramaa Bharadvaj
e-mail: ramaabharadvaj@yahoo.com

My mother Parvathi
- Deepa Shivananda, Bangalore
e-mail: deepa_july@yahoo.com

Amma Endru Azhaikaadha Uyir Illayae
- Sweta Ravisankar
e-mail: sweta.natyam@gmail.com

Demystifying Maya
- Madhu Nataraj, Bangalore
e-mail: stemdance@hotmail.com

My mother
- Ileana Citaristi, Bhubaneswar
e-mail: ileana5@hotmail.com

Aai: my dearest mother
- Jhelum Paranjape, Mumbai
e-mail: jhelum@smitalay.com

Remembering Indrani: September 19, 1930 - February 5, 1999
- Sukanya Rahman
email: artinsider@harpswelldesigns.com

Amma: My inspiration
- Roja Kannan, Chennai
e-mail: rojakannan6@gmail.com

Rukku: My mother
- Chitra Visweswaran, Chennai
e-mail: vichitra50@gmail.com

Eternal inspiration
- Vasumathi Badrinathan, Mumbai
e-mail: vasu@vasumathi.net
- Responses

God could not be everywhere so he created Mothers
- Meenakshi Chittaranjan, Chennai