featured in 2003
  Photographs of the Chennai December Season performances 
by Lalitha Venkat, Chennai 
e-mail: lalvenkat@yahoo.com
  Karthik Fine Arts Seminar: Natya Darshan II 2003  
by Lalitha Venkat, Chennai 
Photos by Lalitha Venkat 
e-mail: lalvenkat@yahoo.com
  Sanskriti Mahotsav 2003 
  An awe-inspiring fusion 
by G S Paul 
e-mail: georgepaul@sancharnet.in
  Ageless: the face of abhinaya 
by Lalitha Venkat, Chennai 
e-mail: lalvenkat@yahoo.com
  Dance Festival of India 2003 
by Shruthi Mukund 
e-mail: shrushyam@yahoo.com 
  Daily coverage of The Park's The Other Festival, Dec 1-7, 2003 
by Ranjith Bhaskar 
e-mail: ranjithbhaskar@yahoo.co.uk 
  AABHA pays homage to Rukmini Devi Arundale 
by Arun P Madangarli 
  Book Review:  MRIDANGAM- an Indian classical percussion drum, by Shreejayanthi Gopal 
Reviewed by V P Dhananjayan, Chennai 
e-mail: bkalanjali@eth.net
  Navarasa Maalika: A performance with a promise 
(On the 10th Anniversary of Nritya Saagaram Dance Academy, New York) 
by Vishnu Sharma, Toronto, Canada  
e-mail: vishnus@rogers.com 
  The Naatya Ensemble: Traditional, Educational, and Enjoyable 
by Kevin Jon Williams, Philadelphia, PA
  Indra Dhanus - Unity in diverse colours: a musical  feast 
by V P Dhananjayan, Chennai 
e-mail: bkalanjali@eth.net
  Divya and Chitra perform unique numbers 
by Lakshmi Kannan, Chennai 
e-mail: lakshmivn@yahoo.com
  Kathakali by Kerala Kalamandalam  
by An art critic, Chennai
  Workshop on "Yoga and Indian Aesthetics for Performing Arts”  
by Dr (Sr) Margaret Bastin, Trichy 
e-mail: try_kalaikav@sancharnet.in
  Seven days of harmony  
by Padma Jayaraj, Thrissur 
e-mail: padmajayaraj@sancharnet.in
  Lakshmi Priya performs at the YGP auditorium 
by Lakshmi Kannan, Chennai 
e-mail: lakshmivn@yahoo.com
  Photographs of the Annual Marga Festival of Dance, Theatre and Music 
October 17 - 19, 2003 
October 17, 2003 
* Kalamandalam Kshemavathy being honored by V P Dhananjayan 
* Kathakali Dance Theatre - episode from Mahabharata, DURYODHANA VADHAM by Kerala Kalamandalam 
October 18, 2003 
Modern dance presentation by Swingers under the Artistic direction of Prassanna LET'S PLAY RINGA-RINGA-ROSES 
October 19, 2003 
Bhagavatamela Dance Theatre, PRAHALADA CHARITRAM by Melattur Bhagavatamela Vidya Sangam
  Controlled and disciplined dancer 
by Lakshmi Kannan, Chennai 
e-mail: lakshmivn@yahoo.com
  Scintillating performance  
by Lakshmi Kannan, Chennai 
e-mail: lakshmivn@yahoo.com
  Delightful performance  
by Lakshmi Kannan, Chennai 
e-mail: lakshmivn@yahoo.com
  Mahatma - from truth to enlightenment  
by Emily Raabe, Philadelphia 
e-mail: eraabe@philamuseum.org
  A rendezvous with Shubanjali 
- where tradition and discipline meets the dancer 
by Bhanu Iyer, NY
  Atlanta hosts the ‘Ambassador of Mohiniattom’ 
by Arun P Madangarli 
e-mail: maalu@juno.com
  Season Of Splendor - 
First International Kuchipudi Dance Conference in North America  
by Kalyani Giri, Houston 
e-mail: kalyanikgiri@aol.com
  Dedicated effort by Swathi  
by Vinod Menon  
e-mail: vinod_kumar_menon@yahoo.com
  Creative dances at Sutra 
by Ileana Citaristi, Bhubaneswar 
e-mail: ileana5@hotmail.com
  Sri – In Search of the Goddess 
by Sanjay Doddamani, Philadelphia 
e-mail: msdodd@earthlink.net 
  KRISHNA LEELA dance drama a most colorful presentation – as part of Janmashtami celebration in New York 
by Carolyn Boren 
e-mail: carolyn_boren@yahoo.com
  15th Naatya Adhyayana Gurukulam, Yogaville Virginia USA 
by a special correspondent
  A perfect fusion  
by Monika Trivedi, Pune
  A unique traditional and contemporary dance concert at Ananda Ashram, New York 
by Dorothy Krauss-Eisenpress 
e-mail: dke@eisenpress.com
  Dhananjayans in Birmingham, Alabama   
by Sreelatha Meleth
  22nd Ramayan - an annual exposure to the great epic 
by Makarand Bidwai, New York 
e-mail: m_bidwai@cosmicacademy.net
  Kathak - a continent away! 
by Manjari Sinha, Gurgaon  
e-mail: manjari@sinha.com 
  Jugalbandhi in St.Louis 
by Anu Chellappa 
e-mail: ac7196@sbc.com 
  Chakra Shri/CS Arts Theater presents its Series of Mini-Confluences: Bringing art to the audience 
  Anita Ratnam - Dance as sacred ritual 
by Antares, Malaysia 
e-mail: Antares@time.net.my
  A Tribute to International Dance Day by Shambhavi School of Dance  
by Priya Kadam, Bangalore 
e-mail: priyakadam@yahoo.com
  Khokar’s Bharatanatyam is definitely worth a read  
by Shani  
  Dominique Delorme, virtuoso in embodying movement & expression 
by Malathi Iyengar and Lakshmi Iyengar, Los Angeles 
e-mail: msiyengar@yahoo.com  and xmi19@yahoo.com
  Infusing new energy into ancient traditions 
by Shanta Serbjeet Singh, New Delhi 
e-mail: shanta@asia.com
  Karnataka Vaibhava in St.Louis  
by Lukshmi Mohan, St. Louis, MO 
e-mail: lukshmimohan@hotmail.com
  New themes, new forms 
by V V Ramani, Chennai 
e-mail: creativetouche@hotmail.com
  Kolam by Mark Morris Dance Group has its NY Premier at B.A.M.   
by Rajika Puri, NY 
e-mail: rajikapuri@yahoo.com
  Dharmabhumi: Kathak Maestro Pt Charka’s Latest Fusion Baby 
by Bhasyam G Iyengar, New York 
e-mail: biyengar333@yahoo.com 
  Khajuraho Festival of Dances - 2003 
by Manjari Sinha, Gurgaon 
e-mail: manjari@sinha.com 
  Performance by Vyjayanthi Kashi  
by Sanjeevini Dutta, Bedford, UK 
e-mail: kadamdance@aol.com
by Manjari Sinha, Gurgaon 
e-mail: manjari@sinha.com
  A Dance Tribute to Ravi Varma 
by A Seshan, Mumbai 
e-mail: aseshan@bol.net.in
  Kalinga Mahotsav, a national festival of martial dances 
by Ileana Citaristi, Bhubaneswar  
e-mail: ileana5@hotmail.com
  The Varnam as a metaphor for the Devadasi’s ecstasy and anguish 
by Leela Venkataraman, Haryana 
e-mail: leelakaveri@mantraonline.com
by G S Paul, Kerala 
e-mail: gsd@zyberway.com
  Bharathanjali - A lecture-demonstration in Bharathanatyam 
by Usha Rajagopal, Durham, North Carolina 
by G Narendra, Chennai  
e-mail: avignamail@yahoo.com