Delightful performance  
by Lakshmi Kannan, Chennai 
October 9, 2003     

Bhavya Balasubramanian, a disciple of Srekala Bharath recently performed at the Raga Sudha Hall under the auspices of Madras Wellwishers Trust. The performance was marked with finesse in all the aspects of dance. 

The programme mirrored her understanding of the various nuances of this art form. The way she carefully handled them, one could easily predict a bright future for her in the arena of classical dance.  

Commencing with the Mallari in Khanda Jaathi Atta Taalam, Bhavya gracefully glided to ‘Varanaarada’, a composition of Saint Tyagaraja in the raga Vijayashree. The Devi Navarasa Varnam ‘Angayarkanni’ of the violin vidwan Lalgudi G Jayaraman remained the anchor piece. The item was a true test for both the dancer and the vocalist who proved their mettle in this number. Anecdotes from Shiva Purana were chosen for elaboration.  

The episodes were carefully dealt with and all the characters came out live on stage. In the post varnam session, Bhavya had colourful numbers as the Aabheri piece ‘Vellai Taamarayil’ praising Goddess Kalaivani, the Poornachandrika Tillana and a Kavadi Chindu. Guru Srekala Bharath must be commended for her dedicated training and delightful and pleasant nattuvangam. Chitrambari Krishnakumar (vocal), Venkatasubramanian (mridangam), Shankar (violin) and Sethumadhavan (make up) also share the credit. 

Chennai based Lakshmi Kannan is a Bharatanatyam and Kathak exponent and a dance critic. She contributes to Indian Express.