Lakshmi Priya performs at the YGP auditorium  
by Lakshmi Kannan, Chennai 

October 19, 2003   

Lakshmi Priya's performance at the YGP auditorium, Chennai was a real masterpiece. Pushpanjali, the introductory piece was executed to perfection. Dhananjayan's Ragamalika Shabdam 'Tandai Muzhanga' in praise of Lord Muruga and Madurai R Muralidharan's Varnam 'Gaanam Isaittu' on Lord Krishna were done with flawless artistic flavour, polished technique and charm that hearts swooned and eyes widened. The episodes as Valli Kalyanam (in the Shabdam) and the Paanchaali Maana Samrakshanam, and Karna Moksham (in the Varnam) were performed with supreme skill and intuitive grace.  

In the Suddha Nrutyam based on the Pancha Nadai (five different tala cycles) and the Desh Tillana of K N Dandayudhapani Pillai, Lakshmi Priya was soaring on the laya like a bird. While during her execution of the jatis, the audience had the romantic experience of seeing abstract tala given a bodily form in those finely carved movements of hers. The Pancha Nadai piece was unique also for the dancer skillfully danced it on a mud pot. In the number 'Sollaal Iyambida' on Lord Shiva with all decorative Karanas, Lakshmi unfolded the art in a sort of ecstatic mood, in which the performer and the viewer seemed to flow in the same stream of consciousness.  

On the whole the performance was a treat to the audience. The credit of moulding Lakshmi Priya into a fine artiste goes in entirety to her Guru Sheela Unnikrishnan. Lakshmi was accompanied by her Guru Sheela Unnikrishnan (Nattuvangam), Rajeshwari Kumar (Vocal), Nagai Narayanan (Mridangam), Master Sriram (Ghatam), Nagaraju (Violin) and Shankaranarayanan (Flute).  

Lakshmi Kannan is an exponent of Bharatanatyam and Kathak and runs her own dance school Jathiswaraalaya in Chennai.