Controlled and disciplined dancer  
by Lakshmi Kannan, Chennai 

October 16, 2003   

R Niranjani, a disciple of Guru Tanjavoor Rajalakshmi danced at the R R Sabha, Chennai during their annual cultural festival for the young dancers. Commencing with the Pushpanjali followed by the Ganesha stuthi 'Mooshika Vaahana', the dancer swiftly moved to the tisra Alarippu defining the basic symmetrical and geometrical postures and movements which the dancer presents to warm up before moving to the more complicated pieces. The Abhogi Varnam by Dandayudhapani Pillai 'Annayai Maravenadi' was taken up for delineation. Niranjani used metaphors to denote the undiluted love the mother has towards her child. The jathis were in perfect harmony, and executed with energy and verve. Niranjani was totally in control with all the complicated rhythmic patterns.  

The second half of the programme had crisp numbers as 'Chinna Vayadhiniley' in Maand. The Pranavopadesam episode of Lord Muruga was taken for elaboration. The danseuse was at her emotive best in this piece. 'Natanam Aadinaar' in Vasantha, an invocation to Lord Nataraja, with her poses of Lord Nataraja were statuesque and impressive. The programme rounded off with a vibrant and scintillating Tillana in Kamaas set to Roopaka Taalam.  

Guru Tanjavoor Rajalakshmi on the nattuvangam was excellent. She was supported by vocalist Bama Visweswaran. Percussionist Sekar, violinist P Venkatraman, makeup artiste Sundararaman were the others to share the credit. 

Lakshmi Kannan is an exponent of Bharatanatyam and Kathak and a dance critic.