featured in 2004
  Sivapriya - an experiment  
- Hema Iyer, Chennai 
e-mail: ramaniscreativetouch@yahoo.com
  Celebrating the sounds of silence 
- Lada G Singh, Delhi 
e-mail: ladasinghg@yahoo.com
  Dance mania in December 
Text & photos: Lalitha Venkat, Chennai  
e-mail: lalvenkat@yahoo.com  
  “Sreelatha’s Silappadikaaram” - Performance par excellence 
- R Krishnamurthy, Chennai 
e-mail: r_krish_us@yahoo.com
  Short and Sweet! 
- A Seshan, Mumbai 
e-mail: aseshan@mtnl.net.in
- Aniruddh Vasudevan, Chennai 
e-mail: aniruddhnatya@yahoo.co.in 
  An event to remember 
- R Krishnamurthy, Chennai 
e-mail: r_krish_us@yahoo.com
  Nrithya Shakthi Yatra – A dancer’s journey through divine energy
  Nritya Prerana presents lec-dem by Vasumathi Badrinathan
  Sakthi Darsanam  
- Radha Bhaskar, Chennai 
e-mail: editor@samudhra.com
  Srishti Dances of India's Lavanya:  A feast for the eyes 
- Nalini Rau, New York
  Yogaville Gurukulam Camp 2004 - A home away from home
  Tradition - now a trend 
Marga Festival 2004 
Text & photos: Lalitha Venkat, Chennai  
e-mail: lalvenkat@yahoo.com
  Bharata Natya arangetram in St. Louis 
- S Subramanian, Raleigh, North Carolina 
e-mail: ssubramanian5@nc.rr.com
  A novel dance recital by Eva Pavitran 
-  Padma Jayaraj, Thrissur 
e-mail: padmajayaraj@sancharnet.in
  Fourth annual dance competition at Cincinnati
  Dedicated foursome 
- Vinod Menon 
e-mail: vinod_kumar_menon@yahoo.com
  Tropical Ruislip! 
-Richard Turner reviews Usha Raghavan and students in Vande Vasudevam 
e-mail: veenaeditor@yahoo.co.uk
  Paying homage to the home planet in Yognat style
  Pranamam, a passionate tribute 
- Padma Jayaraj, Trissur 
e-mail: padmajayaraj@sancharnet.in
  Masako enthrals 
Text & Photos © Thakur Paramjit, Chandigarh 
e-mail: thakurparamjit@yahoo.co.uk
  Captivating Bharatanatyam Arangetram of Meera  
by B S Mani, Chicago 
e-mail: Solididea@aol.com
  Solo Bharatanatyam Arangetram performance by Shruti Parekh 
by Deepika Bahri
  Nrityagram reaches out to DPS students  
by G Ulaganathan, Bangalore 
e-mail: ulag_nath@yahoo.com
  Shubanjali wins "2004 Outstanding Dance School Award"  
at the 5th Indian - American Festival in NJ - A Report
  Clouds part for magical outdoor theater spectacle 
Ramayana dance drama by East-West School of Dance, New York on July 24, 2004 
by Paul Rebhan    
e-mail: paul@rebfile.com
  Balamuralikrishna mesmerizes at Milapfest 
by Deepa Ganesh, Manchester  
e-mail: citiganesh@btconnect.com
  Yatra - A journey through dance…. 
August 1, 2004, Rockville Civic Center 
by Shruthi Mukund, Maryland 
e-mail: shrushyam@yahoo.com
  Rangoli Production of 'Tulasi' is aglow with spirit and reverence 
by Anuradha Kishore Ganpati, Los Angeles  
e-mail: akishore@arts.ucla.edu
  The eyes have it 
Richard Turner sees much to commend in The Divine Vision
  Philadelphia experiences Pancha Maha Bhootham   
by Amalan, Philadelphia 
e-mail: amalan500@hotmail.com
by Sharmi Banerjee, Zurich
  Aswati Sreedhar - the rising star of Powai 
by  K Gopinath, Mumbai 
e-mail: kgnmarar@rediffmail.com
  The Dhananjayans in Michigan  
by Shyam Mayasandra, Rochester Hills, MI 
e-mail: mayasandra@hotmail.com 
  Delhi honours a national legend  
by Shani 
  When Draupathy performs  
by Padma Jayaraj, Trissur 
e-mail: padmajayaraj@sancharnet.in
  Student showcase of Kathak 
by Anisha Muni, New York
  Milapfest presents Malavika in Manchester 
by Deepa Ganesh, Manchester 
e-mail: citiganesh@btconnect.com
  The times they are a changin? 
by Farah Choudhury, Kolkata 
e-mail: farahchoudhury@rediffmail.com
  Aadhunika and Aarambh - two new productions from The Kirans 
by Ramya Janakiraman, Bangalore
  Innovation within tradition - lec-dem by V P Dhananjayan 
a report by Tulsi Badrinath, Chennai 
e-mail: tulsibadrinath@hotmail.com
  Dance Expressions 
by Radha Bhaskar, Chennai 
e-mail: editor@samudhra.com 
  Sleep Inducing 
by Ananda Shankar Jayant, Hyderabad 
e-mail: anandasj@rediffmail.com
  Mukta - dance drama on Saint Meerabai 
by Prasad Datar, Pune 
e-mail: datar_p@indiatimes.com
  Bringing the dance of the temples to Pittsburgh 
by Ranjani Rao, Pittsburgh 
e-mail: RANJRAO@rocketmail.com
  An explosion of movements under Buddha’s benign gaze 
by Ileana Citaristi, Bhubaneswar 
e-mail: ileana5@hotmail.com
  Managing Dance Management 
by Indira Jayakrishnan, Chennai 
e-mail: indira@arangham.com
  Roots in transit 
IV Women International Theatre Festival and Meeting 
Holstebro, Denmark, 15-25 January 2004  
by Ileana Citaristi, Bhubaneswar 
e-mail: ileana5@hotmail.com
  Creative Dance transcendent at Euro-fest 
by Richard Turner, London 
e-mail: veenaeditor@yahoo.co.uk
  From ridiculous to sublime 
by Lalitha Venkat, Chennai 
e-mail: lalvenkat@yahoo.com
  Vasanthahabba - Dusk to dawn treat  
by G Ulaganathan, Bangalore 
e-mail: ulag_nath@yahoo.com
  Towards Bharathiyam 
by Padma Jayaraj, Thrissur 
e-mail: padmajayaraj@sancharnet.in
  Chhau - the lyric of the moving body 
by Padma Jayaraj, Thrissur 
e-mail: padmajayaraj@sancharnet.in
  Poet Kuvempu’s "Beral Ge Koral" presented in Bangalore 
by Vijayashree Ashok, Bangalore 
e-mail: vijayashreeashok@yahoo.com
  International Dance and Theatre Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel 
Roving dance critic Dr Sunil Kothari reports 
e-mail: sunilkothari1933@yahoo.com
  Ramaa Bharadvaj receives 2003 Director's Award from California Arts Council 
  Bharatanatyam dance recital, Berne, Switzerland, 2003 
by Linda Eisele, Berne, Switzerland  
e-mail: linda.eisele@swissonline.ch
  It was ‘All Too Real’ 
- comments Shani of Arangham’s recent production in New Delhi
  Vasudeva-his angst 
by Padma Jayaraj, Thrissur   
e-mail: padmajayaraj@sancharnet.in 
  Chalangai Poojai - Program highlights (Jan 8, 2004) 
by Meenakshi Kausik 
  Chennai January Season performances 
by Lalitha Venkat, Chennai 
e-mail: lalvenkat@yahoo.com 
  Panchbhut: Elements of Nature 
Saturday November 22nd 2003 
Dance Festival of India 2003, Thomas Jefferson Theater, Arlington, VA 
An Audience Review by Mary Hope Schwoebel
  Shakthi: Program highlights (Dec 27, 2003) 
by Shyamala Shivakumar