featured in 2003
From the mouth of a Mahari
by Rahul Acharya, Bhubaneswar
Photos by Rahul Acharya
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No capital, no interest, no demand: the state of performing arts in Chennai
Usha Vasanth Kumar & T B Unni Krishnan, Chennai
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Threads for thought
by Rajashree Ranganathan
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Mysore style of Bharathanatyam - Origin and Evolution
by Shruthi Mukund, Potomac, MD
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Seminar on Patrapravesam from Rukmini Devi's dance dramas
- Sept 17, 2003
by Prof. A Janardhanan, Chennai
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Ram Gopal - memorable encounters
by Chitra Sundaram, London
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Theatrical links between Koodiyaattam and Kathakali
by C P Unnikrishnan, Kochi
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In response to the “Point of view” by T J S George, Sunday Express dated 14th September 2003, this rejoinder was written by V P Dhananjayan (founder & president, Bharata Kalanjali) to the editor, New Indian Express / Sunday Express, Chennai
Ref: Article: Remember Rukmini, but why forget Bala
Rejuvenation of the folk elements in Mohiniyattam By Natana Kaisiki, the Mohiniyattam Dept. of Natana Kairali, Irinjalakuda
by Nirmala Paniker, Irinjalakuda
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Kings to sabhas to corporates: the politics of patronage
by Lada Guruden Singh, New Delhi
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South Indian Performing Arts:
Whence? Where Now? Whither?
by Kollengode S Venkataraman, PA
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To hear and be heard
by Lalitha Venkat, Chennai
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An experience at a Kathak Workshop
by Prasanna Kasthuri, St. Louis, MO, USA
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World Friendship Yatra to Mansarovar and Kailash
Anecdote from Atlanta
by V P Dhananjayan, Chennai
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Sensual sringara to bhakti boredom: the brahminisation of Bharatanatyam
by Lada Guruden Singh, New Delhi
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Mayura Casuba: A rising young Kathak artiste
by Bhasyam G Iyengar, NY
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“Past your Prime -Ageism in dance”
A commentary from across the continent …
by Ramaa Bharadvaj,Yorba Linda, CA, USA
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Contemplations of a Choreographer
by Sam Kumar, Chennai
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No dancing after 45 - Ruling from Justice A K Sikri
by G S Rajan, New Delhi
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Mohiniattam in Missouri
by Anuradha Chellappa, St.Louis, Missouri
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BharataNatyam: A Kala and its Biological Implications
by Ruchita Vasant Somane
M.A, Part II Dept. of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai
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by Usha Vasanthkumar, Chennai
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by Ileana Citaristi, Bhubaneswar
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by Geeta Chandran, New Delhi
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