Sitar maestro Pt Ravi Shankar was a model in instrument care. It was not beyond him to book an extra first class airline ticket for his sitar so it could travel in comfort. If this was not possible, he would have an instrument maker-repairer tour with him even internationally for months.
(‘More than an instrument’ by Chitravina Ravikiran, The Times of India, July 14, 2014)

Kesarbai Kerkar’s three-minute rendition of ‘Jaat kahan ho’ in the morning raga Bhairavi even made it to interstellar space, as part of the Golden Record sent up on the Voyager probes in 1977.
(‘On the Record’ by Arunabha Deb, The Caravan, July 1, 2014)

Mention has been made in the Rig Veda of musical instruments such as mridanga, , vina, bangshi, damaru etc.

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