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In the Telugu regions, one of the most prominent and prolific methods of dramatic and artistic expression were the Bhagavatams or the dance operas which centred on religious and mythological lore. Almost all regions had their own versions of these Bhagavata plays and each influenced the others. The Toorpu Bhagavatam, Devadasi Bhagavatam, Jangama Bhagavatam and Kuchipudi Bhagavatam were some types which were popular in the Andhra region, while Yerragolla Bhagavatam, Chindu Bhagavatam, Yaanaadi Bhagavatam and Chenchu Bhagavatam are some varieties which were born in the Telangana region. Some of these Bhagavata traditions acquired the name Yakshagana.
(‘The Bhagavata traditions and Kuchipudi: The Telangana Connection’ by Anupama Kylash, Nartanam, Oct– Dec 2016)

With his past experience as a field worker and researcher and with the help of Annabathula Buli Venkataratnamma, Nataraja Ramakrishna went from door to door to see if any traditional Devadasi dancers still remembered their tradition. To his astonishment he located 16 such great performers and brought them on to one platform. He was singularly responsible for conducting a seminar cum demonstration lecture series in 1970 at Rajahmundry and called it ‘Abhinaya Sadassu.’ It was a feast to the eyes and ears of connoisseurs and people attending it wondered how such a great art could vanish with the stroke of a pen or legislation.
(‘Nataraja Ramakrishna: Crusader and Visionary’ by M. Nagabhushana Sarma, Nartanam, Oct– Dec 2016)

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