Guru Govindan Kutty drew up a Kathakali syllabus meant exclusively for non-Malayalis, besides writing 'Kathakali Nrityer Rooprekha' in Bengali as well as the prestigious ‘Kathakali the Dance Theatre' in English, published by Asiatic Society in 1999. ‘Miles to go before I sleep' was a fitting documentary on the Guru's life filmed by the Government of West Bengal.
(‘In the service of Kathakali’ by Tapati Chowdurie)

There is a 17th century inscription on a temple wall (in Tamilnadu) that speaks of devadasis refusing to participate in temple rituals to the consternation of all. There is also a detailed record of how their grievances were redressed.
(Pradeep Chakravarthy in ‘Writing on the wall’ by Pankaja Srinivasan, The Hindu, July 20, 2011)

It is said that the 18th century king Bhagyachandra Maharaja dreamt of Lord Krishna and Gopikas performing the Rasa Lila. His dance manual, ‘Govinda Sangita Lila Vilas' forms the textual orbit of contemporary Manipuri dance. The repertoire of Manipuri rests on this text and Mridanga Sangraha by King Chandrakriti.

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