Dharmapuri Ramayana of Seshachala Kavi and Adhyatma Ramayana of Raapaaka Srirama Kavi are known to be the earliest Yakshaganas in Telangana, written around 1780. Though it was performed widely, the performance version was not necessarily in strict accordance with the text.
(‘Telanganam-Yakshaganam’ by S.V. Joga Rao, Nartanam, Oct– Dec 2016)

The songs composed by Srimanta Sankaradeva and his favorite disciple Sri Madhabadeva are known as bargita. Although both the gurus referred to their songs as gita only, later their followers ascribed noble entity to these songs with a specific prefix bar. Assamese adjectival prefix bar means big, large, superior, noble etc and gita means song.
(‘The legacy of Sattriya dance, drama and music’ by Bhabananda Barbayan, Nartanam, Apr – June 2016)

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