In a documentary film made on Kathakali by Prakash Jha, chenda maestro Kalamandalam Krishnankutty Poduval defined the prominence of chenda in Kathakali as "Kathakali without chenda is like an ocean without waves."
('Matchless genius' by V Kaladharan, The Hindu Friday Review, May 27, 2011)

In Seraikella Chhau, the process of mask making is elaborate and includes layering with paper and cloth, carving of features with special instruments and many days of drying in the sun. Four basic colors – white, black, red and yellow - are used in different combinations to paint the masks. Since the dancers are masked, the stylization is important as it brings out the nature of the character. The Rathri mask is a deep blue with half closed eyes signifying the peacefulness and rejuvenating qualities of sleep.
("Magic with masks" by Shalini Umachandran, Hindu, Chennai, Oct 1, 2003)

Karthika Tirunal's illustrious successor was Swati Tirunal. Among those who came to Swati were Sivanandam and Vadivelu, 2 of the famous Tanjore Quartet who are responsible for the shaping of the repertoire of the present day Bharatanatyam. It has been recorded that Swati encouraged Bharatanatyam and imported dancers from Tanjavur, Nirajakshi and Satyabhama being 2 of them. It is said that he married a dancer Sugandhavalli.
(Kanak Rele, in chapter "History of Kerala - Its Theatrical Arts and Mohiniattam" in "Mohiniattam: The Lyrical Dance")

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