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Other than the veena, master vainika Veena Sheshanna (1852 to 1926) was a master of many other instruments including the violin and piano, and was a vocal artiste. His expertise with the veena was such that he changed the very style of playing it. Sheshanna began playing it in a horizontal manner, which then became the mandate for all vainikas. Before this, musicians held it vertically.
('Going by strings' by Ashwini Jain, Deccan Herald, Nov 2, 2019)

Natya Sastra mentions that Bharata answers his disciples in the first chapter that it was in Tretayuga that Natya Sastra was composed. There is no mention of Rama or Krishna, who are popular gods depicted in the art forms but only Vedic gods.  The various authors he talks about in the last chapter of Natya Sastra is Valmiki. In the Ramayana, Lava and Kusha sing in Jati and not in Raga. Natya Sastra does not refer to Raga but only to Jati.
- Padma Subrahmanyam
('The everlasting relevance of Natya Sastra' by VR Devika, The Hindu Friday Review, Dec 6, 2019)

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