Mysore Vasudevachar composed for Rukmini Devi’s Ramayana series and became an institution in himself at Kalakshetra, where he served as the Principal of the School of Fine Arts. He was fondly referred to as “Pachai Thatha” (green grandpa) due to his wearing a green shawl. He passed away in 1961at the age of 96.

Before Gautama attained enlightenment and became the Buddha, the hosts of the evil Mara attempted to wreck him and to this end, Mara’s daughters contributed their bit by dancing seductively before Gautama. Noticing his marked spiritual leanings and fearing that this might lead to his detachment from worldly things, Gautama’s parents tried to offer him diversion by providing dancing girls in all the three mansions at his disposal.
(‘Traditions of Indian classical dance,’ Mohan Khokar, chapter ‘Down the centuries’)

Payyannur Kolkali (literally, stick dance of Payyannur) is a folk art form that is believed to be in existence for more than a millennium, the references of which can be traced back to Sangam Literature and the Dronaparvam of the Mahabharata.  Oru Deshathinte Kala (The Art of a Locale) is a 35-minute film written and directed by scenarist and filmmaker Suresh Poduval, himself a native of the locale.
(‘In the footprints of Payyannur Kolkali,’ Nita Satyendran, The Hindu Fri Review, Dec 25, 2015)

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