‘Dasamam’ Koothu is traditionally performed near the cremation ground (chudala) during the rites following the death of an Akkithiripad (one who presides over the ritual Athiraathram). Hence, it is also known as ‘Chudalakoothu.’ Certain conditions have to be met for this koothu to be performed. The Akkithiripad had to be from the Aswalayana sect, his wife had to be alive and the death had to be natural. The rare chance of all these conditions being met adds to the rarity of the performance. Ancient manuscripts owned by the Panthal family at Rappal, Thrissur district, who are scholars and guides to various Vedic rituals, refer to this koothu.
(‘Rare act’ by A. Sangameswaran, The Hindu Friday Review, June 26, 2014)

Sreebala Menon, the mother of Mohiniattam dancer Ayswaria Wariar, has the distinction of being the first disciple of Kalamandalam Saraswathi, the noted Mohiniattam and Bharatanatyam guru of Kozhikode.

Bijay Pratap Singh Deo is considered the father of modern Seraikella Chhau, as it is he who gave shape to Chhau dance as it is today. 
(Shashadhar Acharya in ‘Behind the mask’ by Tapati Chowdhurie).

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