Like a gleaming egg adrift in ink, Beijing's glass-and-titanium National Center for the Performing Arts is reflected in the pool that surrounds it. The $336-million dome seats around 5,500 people in three halls and is almost 12,000 m² in size. The dome measures 212 meters long, 144 meters wide, and is 46 meters high. It was designed by French architect Paul Andreu. Construction started in December 2001 and the inaugural concert was held in December 2007. Officials call the complex the largest performing arts center in the world, twice as big as the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington.
The Opera Hall is used for operas, ballet, dances and seats 2,416.
The Music Hall seats 2,017 seats.
The Theater Hall is used for plays and the Beijing opera. It has 1,040 seats.
Some of popular theatre interior design in Europe include Bijlmer Park Theater in Anton de Komplein in Amsterdam, Vila Joiosa Auditorium Theatre in Alicante in Spain, Quarterhouse Performing Arts and Business Centre in Folkestone in England and St. Petersburg Dance Theatre in Russia.
St. Petersburg Dance Theatre in Russia is a 21,000 square meter dance theatre in the historic centre of St. Petersburg designed by UNStudio. For the acoustic considerations and the proximity of the audience to the stage, the horseshoe form was chosen as it is considered to be one of the most successful forms acoustically in ballet and musical theatre for both performer and audience. It is possible to see the dancerís feet from every seat in the hall at all times, no matter where the performer is positioned on the stage.

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