In the 19th century and the early years of the next, it was customary for Doraikannu, the hereditary Devadasi of the Kapaliswara temple to accompany the procession at the annual festival. She would be dressed as Bhikshatana and a large group would follow her as she danced at particular points in the procession.

Doraikannu's daughter was the famed Mylapore Gowri who continued the dance tradition at the temple and during the Bhikshatana procession. Gowri was guru to Balasaraswathi and later taught Rukmini Devi too. Following the disenfranchising of Devadasis and the revoking of their hereditary rights, Gowri was evicted from the house given to her by the temple. She managed to make both ends meet by teaching dance to people whom she felt would benefit by it. With that ended what must have been a colourful adjunct to the Bhikshatana procession.
('Lord as mendicant' by Sriram Venkatkrishnan, The Hindu Friday Review, March 26, 2010)

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