'Mohara' is a term used in present times in a Bharatanatyam performance for the sequence played by the mridangist at the commencement of a performance. The purpose is a cue to set a tempo for the dancer and other accompanists. ('Nartananirnaya' of Pandarika Vitthala by Priyasri V Rao, page 27, Nartanam Vol II #4, Oct-Dec 2002)

The dances of women belonged to the Nattuva Mela and was patronized by the ruling princes. Brahman gurus taught dancing to royal families and nobles and their art was known as Brahmana Mela. (Dance Dialects of India by Ragini Devi)

Queen Padmavathi, wife of King Purushottam Deva received the Gopa Sadhi award for her services as a dancer in the Jagannth temple, Puri. The temple chronicle Madala Panji records the act. (Chapter “Dance in Ancient Orissa”, p142, Dance Dialects of India by Ragini Devi)

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