King Kulashekara Perumal, Bhaskara Ravi Verma Perumal and Cheraman Perumal, were the rulers of Kerala, who not only encouraged the art of Koodiyatam, but also wrote plays for it. ("In step with the times" by Leela Ramanathan, Deccan Herald, Bangalore, Aug 26, 2001)

The ruins of a rock cut cave theatre of the 3rd century BC in Bihar bears inscriptions naming an actress-danseuse Sutanika and an actor Devadutta, reputed artistes of that period. (Dance Dialects of India by Ragini Devi)

Chinnammuamma gave up dancing when she was about 25 years of age. After that she had nothing to do with Mohiniattam till she was almost 50 years old when she danced at Kottayam where Vallathol saw her and invited her to dance for the celebration of his 60th birthday. ("Mohiniattam: The Lyrical Dance" by Kanak Rele, page 83, 'Mohini Attam' chapter)

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