Kitsou Dubois, a French choreographer is trying to get permission to teach astronauts how to dance in space. She is working with the ESA - European Space Agency - to find out if her techniques will help to fend off dizziness and nausea in space. She has developed an exercise routine for astronauts and wants them to use it for 30 minutes every few days.
The earliest reference to the institution of dancing girls in Orissa is to be found in an inscription dated 9th century AD.
A wealth of beautifully illustrated manuscripts are available in Orissa showing the existence and development of a clear, regional style of dancing with divisions into tandava, lasya , nritta, nritya and natya, like Mahapatra's Abhinaya Chandrika, Jadunath's Nritya Manoraina, Gajapat's Sangita Narayana Nritya Khanda ( 15th century etc).
Lithographic findings indicate that the saint poet Jayadeva was born in Kenduvilva village of Puri district in Orissa in the 12th century. He composed the Geeta Govinda in praise of the love and dedication between Radha and Krishna. It is told that he wrote it in the precincts of the Sri Jagannath Temple in Puri while looking at the idol since Lord Jagannath is an incarnation of Krishna. The Geeta Govinda, which he wrote in the early part of the 13th century, is one of the best-known epics in Sanskrit literature and within 50 years of its composition, it spread to every part of the country.
Uday Shankar's film Kalpana (1948) is remembered as an exquisitely choreographed dance film, symbolizing the dreams and aspirations natural to a new nation. James Joyce commended Uday Shankar's dancing in a letter to his daughter --'He moves on the stage like a semi-divine being. Believe me, there are still some beautiful things left in this poor old world.'
Ananda Shivaram was among the first three students to complete the 6-year degree course in Kathakali at the Kerala Kalamandalam started by poet Vallathol Narayana Menon in 1930. Shivaram was given the prefix 'Ananda' in 1933 by Mukunda Raja, Vallathol's right hand man, in memory of Ananda Coomaraswamy who, in 1929, had for the first time, interpreted the philosophical meaning of oriental culture.

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