Good sabhas in the city have banned snacks and beverages inside auditoriums. It is time to add one more to the list of banned substances - plastic carry bags.
The noise some in the audience make with these things during concerts is unbearable. In the quiet atmosphere of an air-conditioned hall, the noise increases several fold. There was this elderly woman in the Academy struggling with her plastic bag to take out her woolens. Needless to say, she was oblivious to protests from those around.
('Music Matters' contributed by V Balasubramanian and S Sivakumar, The Hindu, Music Season, Jan 6, 2006)

Madan Vasishta from the Gallaudet University is working on a common Indian Sign Language for the hearing impaired. Hailing from a village in Himachal Pradesh, he dropped out of school due to hearing loss in sixth grade. Vasishta has 120db bilateral hearing loss and "cannot hear even jet planes." When he lectures his PG or PhD class at Gallaudet University, the students watch as he signs his lessons in American Sign Language to his mixed class of hearing and hearing impaired graduates.
("Waiting to be 'heard'" by Geeta Padmanabhan, The Hindu, Feb 1, 2006)

For the sake of artistes, the sabhas should provide wooden floor. Some cleaning is necessary on a daily basis with so many performances happening and incessant traffic. Often the dancers raise a cloud of dust as they move around and it won't be an exaggeration to say that footwork is watched through this veil.
('Music Matters' contributed by G Swaminathan, S Sivakumar and Rupa Srikanth, The Hindu, Music Season, Dec 28, 2005)

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