Over 40,000 people attended Vasantahabba 2003 conducted by Nrityagram on February 1, 2003 from dusk till dawn, and it ran for 14 hours straight!

Kathak has some common links with flamenco, tap dance and ballet. To illustrate this, a production 'East Meets West' has been commissioned by the Ministry of External Affairs' Publicity Division. This 30-minute film being shot at Daulat Ram College Auditorium on 35mm format, will explore the universality of the various dance forms in three segments, with Kathak being the link. Kathak dancer Shovana Narayan, flamenco dancer Omayra Amaya, ballet dancer Anastacia Flewin and tap dancer Herve le Goff are featured in this film. Accompanying them are guitarist Pedro Cortes and singer Julio Gabber Barrul, both of whom have a Spanish gypsy lineage. Barrul, who speaks only Spanish, will sing for Amaya.

Odissi guru Kelucharan Mohapatra is building an ashram in Orissa.

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