Director V Balakrishnan has made a film BHARATIYA NATYA SASTRA for the Doordarshan National Network based on his sister Padma Subrahmanyam's research on the dance underling the cultural unity of the country from ancient times.
'MITR - MY FRIEND' directed by actress Revathi (Chennai based Bharatanatyam dancer Asha S Menon) is the work of an 'all women' crew which was both accidental and intentional with Cinematography by FOWZIA, Story by PRIYA V, Screenplay by SUDHA KONGARA, Edit by BINA, Music Score by BHAVATHARINI ILIARAAJA, Costumes by PRABHA KODA and Audiography by GEETA M. The film explores the emotions of an Indian family which has been living in America for 18 years. Prithvi (Nasir Abdullah), born and raised in America marries Lakshmi (Shobana), from a small town in India. Lakshmi's life revolves around her husband and daughter, Divya (Preeti Vissa). As Divya gets older, her dependence on her mother reduces and the cultural differences between the two become huge barriers. While Divya cannot understand why her mother remains so steeped in "foolish Indian traditions", Lakshmi cannot understand Divya's outlook towards life. Prithvi too fails to see Lakshmi's growing loneliness and thirst for her roots. At one point Lakshmi sits up and realises that she does not want to be taken for granted anymore. For the first time in 18 years she questions herself on her wants and desires, likes and dislikes. And she rediscovers the myriad possibilities of living. This film explores these nuances of women's lives, firmly believing in every Lakshmi's strength and capacity to make things better. Revathy hopes to release this film in the US and Canada by the end of August 2001.
The veteran women dancers of the devadasi community themselves chose the name Andhra Natyam during 'Abhinaya Sadas' (conference of abhinaya experts) held in Rajahmundry in 1970. They felt they should choose a new name to replace terms like mezuvani and bhogam, which were then in use and had acquired pejorative connotations. They were inspired by the examples set in Tamilnadu where sadir was renamed as Bharatanatyam.
His Holiness Santhalinga Ramaswamy Adigalar of the Perur Math formally inaugurated the Perur Natyanjali Festival in 1994. When he lit the lamp, a peacock perched on a nearby tree called loudly as if in approval.
Dancers are required by the Abhinaya Darpana to have a perfectly symmetrical body - "Arms like sinuous creepers, a neck like spiral conch, a waist that can be spanned, a exquisite sensibility, charm, agility, endeavor, steadfastness, joyousness, memory " and also to adorn themselves with jewelry and make-up in order to look very attractive.
The rasa theory or the science of dramaturgy was first codified and systematically propagated by Bharata in the Natya Shastra around 2nd century BC. Through subsequent centuries the theory was further elaborated and analyzed till in the 10th and 11th century AD, the brilliance of Abhinavagupta of Kashmir and King Bhoja of Dhara gave it final shape.

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