The priceless recordings of the Music Academy from various personal collections as well as books will be digitized and housed in the library of the Academy, and made available to the public. This has been possible because of a grant for archival of recordings and journals.

In the Natya Shastra, author Bharatamuni has spoken of only eight rasas. He does not include shanta rasa as it was considered that the other 8 rasas end in peace. This ninth rasa was incorporated by later scholars, and this concept of the nine rasas or navarasas, is now being depicted by almost all dancers.

'Gita Govinda' or Krishna's Song was originally written by Jayadeva in the 12th century. Scholars believe there are over 3,000 manuscripts in 15 different scripts belonging to the period between the 14th and the 19th century. There also exist about 15 commentaries, varying in their interpretation of the text from mystical, erotic to the spiritual.
('A classic redeemed' by Suresh Kohli, The Hindu Friday Review, Nov 23, 2007)

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