By the middle of the last century when Koodiyattam seemed to be on its deathbed, the late Appukuttan Nair, an engineer and patron of classical art forms, constructed 2 new koothambalams - one at Adyar in Chennai and the other at Kalamandalam at Cheruthuruthy in Kerala. He also started a Koodiyattam course at Kalamandalam where Ammannoor Madhava Chakyar was a visiting professor. ('Dance of joy' by Vinu Abraham, The Week, June 3, 2001).

Though Manipur has various ragas and raginis of North Indian music, it has its own style of rendering, creating a different effect. Traditionally, the text of the songs is drawn from Vaishnava "Padavali Literature" in Sanskrit, Meithili, Braj, Brajbuli, old Bengali and Meitei (Manipuri) written by such devotional poets as Jayadev, Vidyapati, Chandidar and Gyandas. (Darshana Jhaveri, "Manipuri Dance Traditions," Nartanam -Vol 1, #3, July - Sept 2001).

King Aditya Pratap Singh Deo studied the world famous Ajantha Frescoes, guided the master craftsman Prasanna Kumar Mohapatra to refashion the masks used for Chhau.
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