Soudamini's film 'Vettaikku Oru Magan' (A son for hunting) features Margi Madhu performing in the Koodiyattam style and other artistes in Ottam Thullal and Kathakali. The film is a subversion of the original Ekalavya myth, wherein a tribal hunter is deprived of his thumb demanded as payment by the crafty and insensitive Dronacharya, he regards as his archery teacher. Theatre choreographed for the camera, this 52 minute digital video has only music.

Valmiki teaches the boys Lava and Kusha that there are three sthaanas or points from which the voice originates - the heart, the throat and the forehead (hriday, kantha and moordha). "Anyone who learns from a guru knows these are the points from which the notes of the mandra, madhya and the taar saptak originate. This means it is a very basic point of swar sadhana that Valmiki taught Lava and Kusha."
(Subhadra Desai in 'A time to sing' by Anjana Rajan, The Hindu Friday Review, Dec 26, 2008)

'Mani Madhava Chakyar: The Master at Work' is a 1994 biographical film on the life and work of Koodiyattam maestro Mani Madhava Chakyar.

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