Composer Swati Tirunal (1813 1847) has written two musical plays titled Ajamilopakhyanam and Kuchelopakhyanam. He also composed around 500 varnams, kritis, swarajatis, padams and javalis.

Called Pada Kavita Pitamaha meaning 'the great father of Pada poetry,' Annamacharya (1424-1503) is credited with having composed around 30,000 songs, but only a few hundred are available today.

Muthuswami Dikshitar (1775 1835) has composed about 38 nottuswaras (a Tamil version of the English word, note, used to represent western musical notes) all in Sanskrit using simple, western music like tunes. All of them are based on major scale which is equivalent to Sankarabharanam in Carnatic music.

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