The 15-day Koodiyattom performance of Asokavanikangam from August 18 to September 1, 2008 at Nepathya’s koothambalam in Moozhikkulam near Kochi was a milestone in the history of the art form. This was the first time a complete performance was staged outside temple premises, in an attempt to popularise Koodiyattom. The records say that the complete version of this play has been staged only three times even within the koothambalams attached to temples.
(‘In search of new symbols’ by Anil S, The New Sunday Express, Oct 5, 2008)

Swapnasundari revitalised the ancient dance form of the Andhra devadasis or kalavantulu with the guidance of the late historian and poet, Dr. Arudra, who termed it Vilasini Natyam.

Inspiring musician and pallavi exponent Mudicondan Venktarama Iyer held the Music Academy experts gathering spell bound during his demonstrations and was the first to present the most complicated Simhanandana tala pallavi, the longest rhythmic meter in the world with 128 counts.
(‘Know your legend,’ artfest@margazhi, New Indian Express, Jan 7, 2008)

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