In the beginning, the puppets were made of 'ola' or palm leaf and the theater was known as 'olapavakoothu.' Now they are made of leather and the art has taken the name 'tolpava koothu' or leather puppet theatre.
('Tolpava Koothu: Shadow puppets of Kerala' by G Venu)

On May 24th, 1998, the greatest ever number of tap dancers gathered for a single routine at the Stuttgart City Square in Germany. Choreographed by Ray Lynch, the 6,952 dancers tapped away for 2 minutes and 15 seconds. The event was organized to commemorate the birthday of American tap-dance legend Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. In second place, as many as 6,000 tap dancers gather in New York City each year for Tap-o-Mania. They hoof their way down Broadway as part of Macy's annual Thanksgiving Day parade.

Manipuri gurus over the years have evolved an individual system of talas having its own classification and systematization that adheres to the tenets incorporated in the Vaishnavite Sangeet Shastras. Manipur excels in the use of innumerable talas ranging from 4 beats to 68 beats. (Darshana Jhaveri, "Manipuri Dance Traditions," Nartanam - Vol 1, #3, July-Sept 2001)

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