Kathak dancer Pandit Chitresh Das has added a new dimension to Kathak by developing Kathak yoga. He found yogic postures in Kathak and modified them to integrate into his dances. According to Das, Kathak yoga is a fascinating blend of rhythm and movement.

Choreographer and researcher Francine Lancelot was one of the leading authorities and researchers in France on the subject of early dance. She is best known for her reconstructions and recreations of French 17th and 18th century court and theatre works. She brought to light, many important period dance manuals at libraries in France, Italy and Spain. Her book Lal Belle Dance is an important catalogue of published and unpublished choreography by Europeans, recorded in Feuillet notation. It was published in 1996, with side by side notations from French to English by Anne Jacoby, co-founder of the New York baroque Dance Company.
("In Memoriam-Francine Lancelot" by Catherine Turocy, DCA News, Spring 2004, p17-18).

Maharaja Swati Tirunal was a prolific composer in many languages and his compositions cover all shades of Indian classical music. He established the Swati Tirunal Music University and invited great maestros like Muthiah Bhagavatar, Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer and K R Kumaraswamy to act as principals. Because of his untiring efforts, Carnatic music spread to Kerala and attracted many students, thus giving rise to great Carnatic musicians.

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