On May 16, 2000, actors of the Natya Vidya Sangam were in the green room preparing to perform on the first day of the annual 'Narasimha Jayanti" Nataka Utsavam. An electric spark set fire to the roof of the thatched stage and three lakhs worth of equipment, property, costumes, jewellery and furniture was destroyed within a few minutes. This tragic loss spurred the Bhagavatas to pledge themselves once again to work harder to preserve the art. In the past the families sold their ancestral land and the family jewellery to keep the tradition alive. Today they have nothing left except their spirit and dedication to tradition.
Ludwig Pesch and Michael Nixon, two Carnatic music buffs, started SAMPRADAYA, a storehouse of rare music forms of diverse Carnatic genres 20 years ago in Chennai. It now houses spools of nearly 2500 hours of music and music related recordings. The reference section is well stocked with about 1190 books, journals and periodicals. There is also a treasure trove of photographs collected painstakingly over the years.
Dipanker Khanna has studied, researched and worked with The Yoga Institute and The International Board of Yoga, Bombay, where he was also part of team that set up the Museum of Classical Yoga.He has studied advanced Mind Development techniques and practices at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives and Sherabling Institute of Buddhist Studies in Himachal Pradesh under the 12th Kuangtin Tai Situpa Rinpoche and other senior Tibetan masters first as a lay disciple and later on as a monk in the Tibetan Buddhist order. He is a Workshop Consultant on Mind Development with Times of India, Bangalore, and is also an Active Environmentalist working with Bio-medical waste, domestic garbage. He works with rural artisans, working children and specially endowed groups for promoting and marketing eco-friendly rural handicrafts. He also promotes organically grown and naturally processed produce.
Dance serial AADELLENUM JEEVANDHI produced by Krishnaswamy Associates, Chennai was originally produced for Singapore TV - 12 in 1998. TV channel Doordarshan has decided to telecast this series from early August 2001 under the title WHEN THE GODS DANCE in English. For more details email kaplsk@vsnl.com.
Sri Krishna Gana Sabha is one of the premier organizations of Chennai. Mr.Yagnaraman has been the secretary since 1957. From a thatched roof hall of 1954, it has progressed to an aesthetically appealing auditorium in 2001. Renamed Dr.Nalli's Gana Vihar, the major portion of funds for the renovation came from the Sabha president Nalli Kuppuswami Chettiar. Without disturbing the basic structural elements, the new auditorium is a mix of classical and modern, mirroring what the Sabha stands for. Architect C R Raju has adapted from the koothambalam style with Nagpur based S Rajagopal doing the acoustics. The adjoining canteen, office, music shop and classrooms have also been renovated to go with the main design. The new auditorium was inaugurated with the Marghazhi Festival in July 2001.
Sri Sathguru Samajam was founded in Madurai in 1951. The Golden Jubilee function took place in 2001 - 2002. From a humble organization, it has established itself as one of the leading cultural organizations in South India.
Lata Rajah and Geeta Krishna Raj have choreographed a group dance presentation on the LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST. The entire music has been specially recorded with Tamil lyrics and Indian music.

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