Feb 2004: The Karnataka Govt proposes to implement a scheme to introduce music, dance, drama and yoga to children studying in primary and secondary schools. This way, the extra curricular activities will now form part of school hours curriculum. B K Chandrasekhar, the Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, has organized training for about 16,000 teachers to handle the yoga, music and dance courses in the 50,000 Govt schools in the state.

March 2004, Delhi: The Union Tourism and Culture Ministry proposes to train youngsters at community centers in the fields of dance, music and painting by well known artistes. Apart from the existing one at Qila Rai Pithora, which was opened about a year ago, they have already identified 4 community centers that will come up at Siddartha Enclave near Jangpura, Vinobhapuri near Lajpat Nagar, Sarai Kale Khan and Nangloi The objective is to promote constructive activity and inculcate value of Indian culture in children. Kathak dancers Uma Sharma and Shovana Narayan, Odissi dancer Sonal Mansingh and painter Satish Gujral will train young students at these centers for 2 hours atleast twice a week.

Bandha Nritya of Orissa must have originated from the Gotipuas who were employed for temple protection in the 17thncentury. The few gurus who still teach Bandh Nritya are Birabal Sahu at Konark, Maguni Das at Raghurajpur, Mahadev Raut at Dimirisena and Gangadhar Nayak at Cuttak. Guru Nayak also teaches girls. Dancer Aloka Kanungo is trying to revive this ancient Odissi dance form.

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