The 71-year-old London-based international folk dance and music expert Narendra Kotiyan plans to set up a society for international folk dancing in Mumbai. He's founder member of Dunav Balkan Folk Music Group in London. Kotiyan's the only Indian to head the jury at various international folk dance and music competitions in Europe. He was invited by the French ministry of education to hold international folk dance seminars in different regions of France between 1960 and 1974. Language was never a problem as he speaks several foreign and Indian languages.

Chennai based Tapasya Kala Sampradaya was set up under the guidance of K P Kittappa Pillai to research, document, teach and perform Bharatanatyam. "Maraynuduvarum Marabugal" is a film, which is an effort to remind students and audiences of the roots of a tradition that is fast disappearing. The need for documentation was felt as many families that were custodians of Bharatanatyam have faded into oblivion and a large number of compositions and much information have been lost. Tapasya released the film in February 2003. Along with it, a souvenir was brought out, dedicated to the artistic families to acknowledge their invaluable contributions.

'The Mirror of Gesture' by Ananda Coomaraswamy and Gopala Krishnayya Duggirala, is the English translation of Nandikeswara's Abhinaya Darpana and was published in 1917. This was the earliest rendering of the work and a pioneering effort in introducing the Indian concept of drama and dance to the western enthusiast. Gopala Krishnayya Duggirala was a scholar in Telugu, Sanskrit and English and his co-authorship with Coomaraswamy could be explained by the fact that the Abhinaya Darpana manuscripts are in Telugu.

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