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ICCR scholarships and listings
- Ashwini Shankar

November 29, 2010

We know that the ICCR scholarships are perhaps the only way for the foreign students to get a student's visa to study classical Indian dance here, as most can't afford to commute from abroad to India every month on a tourist visa. Despite the fact that the absolute majority of the best Bharatanatyam schools and dancers are located in Chennai, ICCR, for some reason, think that it is New Delhi that is the hub of the Bharatanatyam universe.

As we see, from the list, only 3 Bharatanatyam schools managed to "qualify" (how??) to get on the approved list: VP Dhananjayan's, Chitra Visweswaran's and of course Kalakshetra.

Now, can anyone from ICCR explain why, for example, Padma Sampath Kumaran's (I am sure nobody in Chennai is even aware of who she is!) school is in the list, while Padma Subrahmanyam's is not? Indeed, can anybody from the approved schools comment on how they managed to get "approved" and what it takes?

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