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Knowledgeable reporters!
- Rukmini Vijayakumar, Bangalore

March 26, 2010
We recently performed at the Natyanjali festivals, and I sent an article to about our experience in the performances and how wonderful it was. We were equally thrilled to have our pictures in the paper the next day. In the Indian Express supplement, a large picture of Parshwanath and myself came in the front page as well as smaller images in the inside pages. I commend the knowledge that the newspaper reporters have to actually be able to recognize the form of dance performed!! It said, "Kathak exponents steal day one at Tanjavur," when we actually performed Bharatanatyam. Even the pictures will easily tell you that we performed Bharatanatyam, but somehow the news reporter has failed to notice that we performed Bharatanatyam, and has called us Kathak exponents.

I was going to write to the newspaper, but decided against it, since most critics in papers as well as new reporters nowadays hardly watch the dance. Even when they do, they seldom view it with lenient perspective and they are so filled with their own personal biases that the reports are a bit of a skewed view of what was presented.

I do not know whether to laugh or cry at the lack of cultural knowledge from even a cultural reporter!!

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