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Bangalore dance scene
- Veena Murthy Vijay, Bangalore

November 3, 2006

Through Narthaki, I would like to share with all the artists, an incident which took place at a dance festival in Bangalore.

Bangalore has always been a clean and beautiful city when it has come to art and bonding between the artists, which is getting polluted by some artists who pretend to be protectors of the Art. Not giving a right platform or the monetary benefits to the artists, they try to get artists to perform at their festival - after all dance is dance for many a professional who think beyond monetary benefit sometimes.

Arudra Festival was conducted in Bangalore on 28th, 29th and 30th of October by the Ponnambalam Academy of Dance. The last performance of the day was by young well known performing artists of Karnataka.

As the troupe members were coming in, one of the performing artists arrived at the venue at 7.35, while the previous performance was yet taking place. Keeping in mind the Bangalore traffic and the venue where the festival was being conducted, the artist was still on time for her performance. Their performance was scheduled to start at 7.45 pm.

The artist was dressed completely and was ready to start the program immediately after the first group finished their performance.

Instead of greeting the artist, the organisers passed sarcastic comments and insulted the artist and her art. All the artists left the venue after apologizing to the audience for the regret not to perform after being abused by the organisers.

I am sure the entire dance community will stand by these artists who did not allow their art being insulted and walked out of the venue making the organisers realize how important it is to treat art and the artist well.

Do not let Art bow its head to the organisers who think by just organising a dance festival they can rule the artist. Art is above any artist and every artist looks forward to perform. If an artist has to walk out, I am sure all of you can imagine the gravity of the circumstance.

This was a snap shot of the incident which usually does not take place in a cultured city like Bangalore.

Veena Murthy Vijay is the Director of Rajarajeshwari Kalaniketan, Bangalore.

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