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Irresponsible editing of dance article

April 14, 2008
City Express
The New Indian Express

April 11, 2008

Subject: Damaging title for dance article:

Dear Sir:

This is in reference to your article MAKING 'FACES' AT BHARATANATYAM that was carried in your CITY EXPRESS page on Thursday April 10. 2008. The report was by Sharanya, your arts writer and the title was a shocking insult to the beautiful art of Bharatanatyam and a direct insult to me, a senior artiste. I realise that you are all scrambling to keep up with today's mantra of youth, speed and greed. To reduce a serious dance performance and manipulate its title to mean something so derogatory against the art I was trained in, is a mockery of the system of free speech. The content of the article was wrong; many facts misquoted and grammatical mistakes were abundant. If you are intent on making every inch of your paper filled with 'Snazz and Jazz,' please do not attempt to cover serious art. We are not entertainers or circus acrobats. The article AND your allegedly 'clever' title was an affront to the dignity of classical and contemporary Indian dance.

Anita R Ratnam

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