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Court injunction against the producers of the dance ballet JAYA JAYA DEVI

February 29, 2008
On Wednesday, February 27, 2008, THE HINDU published news about the court injunction against the producers of the dance ballet JAYA JAYA DEVI which toured the US in 1994. The original production, in which I danced the role of Durga, enjoyed a record breaking tour of 23 performances in the US and Canada. Uma Ganesan was the organiser for the US tour and the choreographer was guru Rhadha. Ms Ganesan of Cleveland Cultural Alliance, USA along with Bhairavi, an organisation run by Mr. Cleveland Sundaram presented the premiere show of JAYA JAYA DEVI at the Cleveland Tyagaraja Utsav in 1994. After that event, CCA produced the US tour of the dance ballet. Sujata Vijayaraghavan conceived, researched and scripted the entire production. The musical score was created by renowned composer Lalgudi Jayaraman.

Ms. Uma Ganesan (CCA) was planning on re-staging the ballet for a second tour of the US later this year. A Lakshman, who was part of the original ensemble, was engaged as the choreographer of this version of the dance drama.
The recent court verdict has been declared in favour of Sri Jayaraman and his colleagues.
This prevents Ms Ganesan from staging this dance production.

This is an interesting moment for all artistes to consider the importance of signed agreements and the duration of contracts. Royalty issues and copyright needs to be discussed by all those who use recorded music and collaborate with musicians for original scores.

We provide a link to the original article.

Interim injunction against staging of ballet made absolute 

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Anita R Ratnam

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