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Miträ: Is love, a boon or a bane?
- Ajeesh Menon

April 19, 2024

Is thunder a natural phenomenon? Or is it some larger than life entity, expressing the angst of being deserted by their beloved? Is rain a natural phenomenon? Or sad tears shed upon separation from their beloved? Is this separation due to "societal norms"? Is personal freedom and the ability to do things that one loves, too much of an ask? Should one's individual expression be curbed down due to other responsibilities that the society deems fit? Can't one love on their own terms and yet go around doing things benefiting the society?

'Miträ: The Colours of Love' by Suvin Prasad, a young and brilliant Bharatanatyam performer from Bengaluru premiered at Seva Sadan, Malleshwaram on 15th March and this premiere was nothing but a visual and narrative brilliance. If the concept of the production is the river, then the choreography is the boat, spearheaded by the boating gear (lighting) and the cozy chair seating (music), which made the journey an experience to revel in. The immense artistic liberty taken in creating this work shows the capacity of a thinker to adapt, present such important stories and narratives addressing today's audience.

Suvin Prasad

Interesting aspects that need special mention are the choice of rhythm (cycle of 7 beats / mishra chapu), ragam transitions capturing the emotions of the characters. One striking feature was the element of repetitiveness which kept pulling back the audience to the current state, swiftly presenting the emotional setups and the back and forth transitions between the past and the present. The choice of ragams like Kalyani, Vasanta, Mandu, Charukesi, etc., depicted confusion, love, embrace, moments of passion, desertion, rejection, and monotony. The emotional rollercoaster that Suvin presented clearly disturbed the audience, making them ask pertinent questions about love, relationships and responsibilities. In the current age and scenario, this presentation is definitely relevant and will surely melt anyone who sits through the show.

Suvin Prasad

The concept by Dr. Himanshu Srivastava, lighting, lyrics and music by Parshwanath Upadhye, vocals by Raghuram, mridangam by Harsha Samaga, aided Suvin in presenting this work in progress. When there are performances which belong to the entertainment zone, Miträ is a work worth being recognized as edutainment.

Ajeesh Menon
Ajeesh Menon is a Carnatic vocalist, Mohiniattam performer, and a full time IT professional, based out of Bengaluru.

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