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Ekam Sat and Bharath after the Mahatma
- Poornima Gururaja

April 15, 2024

Brilliant ideas and execution, intelligent use of properties, depth in content of the productions were hallmarks of the two presentations in Bangalore that were a part of the Vasudaiva Kutumbakam and Viksit Bharat presented by the Prasiddha Repertory headed by renowned dancer Prathibha Prahlad. The productions Ekam Sat and Bharath after the Mahatma were presented in Bangalore on the 26th of March 2024 at the Dwani Auditorium, CMR Institute of Technology. The event was presided by Dr. K.C. Ramamurthy IPS (former member of Parliament), Dr. Sabita Ramamurthy, Chancellor, CMR University with Sreenivas G. Kappanna and Dr. Sanjay Jain (principal, CMRIT).

Prasiddha RepertoryPrasiddha Repertory

Ideas intricately woven kept the young audience on the edge of their seats. Only a connoisseur would understand the depth of thought that has gone into Eakm Sat. Religion, spirituality, nationalism were layered effectively throughout the production with Bharatanatyam, Mohiniattam and Kathak. The colors of the costumes coming together subtly and quietly through the performance to reflect our national flag at the end was awe inspiring.

Prasiddha Repertory

Prasiddha Repertory
Bharath after the Mahatma was a complete contrast to Ekam Sat. The production took on a contemporary note, blending in the arts of the North East of India. While progress and unrest were depicted effectively with martial arts and dance, the path to progress was depicted by protagonist Prathibha Prahlad through various familiar tunes on Rama reflecting the ideology of Ramarajya for post independent India. This idea, the dancer explained, was inspired by the words "Hey Ram" on Gandhiji’s lips as his last words, a picture of Lord Rama in the Indian constitution created inspired by the vision of Ramarajya for post independent India. It was intriguing to watch a simple stick, a property used as a weapon, a construct of development, representation of the Mahatma and a support to a shroud all at once. Each tableau created immediately connected to important sculptures representing post independent India or a prominent personality of the freedom struggle. Both productions stood out as examples of content creation.

Prasiddha Repertory

Poornima Gururaja
Poornima Gururaja is the director, Kalasindhu Academy of Dance, Bangalore.

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