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Nirikshana: Day 5
- Ayana Perla

January 1, 2020

The day was kick started by Dominique Delorme as a part of Legacy Lights - 'Peerless Contribution of Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam.' The rigorous training by his Guru and his hard work and practice through 5 decades clearly reflected in his dance as he put all young dancers to shame with his brilliant dancing.

Shobhana Bhalchandra's session on metaphors and manifestations in dance was a step to learning ways of abhinaya choreography. It was then followed by a session 'The Realms of Gold,' Alarmel Valli's journey through dance. She was nostalgic as she went on to give us an insight of her experiences learning with her gurus and her mother. Poetry plays an important role in dance, she said and truly as we understood it from the previous session. For her, age is just a number. To dance like you're in your 20s when you're in your 60s isn't a joke!

Padmini Ravi, Geeta Chandran, Chitra Dasarathy, Nina Rajarani (Photo: Lalitha Venkat)

Alarmel Valli's session was followed by an interesting session on music called the 'Abhinaya Expeditions.' Sudha Raghuraman takes it to another level with her singing. The dancers were true to their topic and expressed abhinaya with their brilliant choreographic compositions. It was followed by a discussion on ensemble narratives moderated by senior guru Padmini Ravi. The panelists gave their views on how they work given a team of dancers based on the selected theme. All masterminds on the stage were indeed a treat for the entire Bharatanatyam community. As part of Torch Lights, the session on the last day of the 39th edition of Natya Kala Conference came to an end with 'A˝jasa' unraveling the wonders of Buddhist monuments of Asia by Apsaras Arts Dance Company from Singapore.

Full house on all days

Looking forward to the 40th edition of Natya Kala Conference in 2020. Thanks to Krishna Gana Sabha and the convenor Rama Vaidyanathan, it was an enjoyable experience. To all dancers, another happy dancing year.  

Ayana Perla is a student of Guru Sharadamani Shekhar (Mangaluru) and Dr. Rajashree Warrior (Thiruvananthapuram).

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