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Nirikshana: Day 1
- Ayana Perla

December 30, 2019

"Let mother earth be your stage, your experiences be the enduring emotion and let your life itself be dance."

Rama Vaidyanathan

The 39th Natyakala Conference convened by Rama Vaidyanathan was indeed the most awaited event of this Margazhi Season - rightfully titled NIRIKSHANA held at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai. The inauguration of the 5 day conference was indeed delightful for all the art lovers as eminent Gurus, yester performers, critics, dancers and musicians were all under the same roof sharing warmth with their colleagues and peers. The inauguration ceremony was preceded with a prayer 'Ranga Stuti' beautifully rendered by O.S. Arun. The prayer transcended into everyone and the auditorium was filled with a positive vibe!

The first session was Dance Buddies: Re-visiting the Kuravanji Story by the evergreen divas Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam, Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy and Chitra Visweswaran. The "then and now" concept was beautifully showcased and one could only wonder how youthful the trio still is. The Viralimalai Kuravanji belongs to pre Tyagaraja days and was brought to light by Shyamala Balakrishnan. This was a production of Doordarshan, Chennai as part of Pongal celebrations in 1987. We were taken back in time by this beautiful trio and for them truly, age is just a number. It was a treat for all the dancers and especially for the younger generation seeking inspiration.

The session was succeeded by a lecture demonstration by Malavika Sarukkai on "The Expanding Canvas" giving us an insight into her personal journey in choreography. It was enriching to understand that body language conveys certain emotions too.

The last session was preceded by a panel discussion on 'Dance Curation: Concerns and Challenges.' This was indeed an important topic that was being discussed as all the young performing artists were able to know how to approach the curators and to understand what they go through as curators.

Vaibhav Arekar

Sankhya Dance Company
The last session was the premier of trend-setting ensemble work NIBANDHANA by Vaibhav Arekar and Sankhya Dance Company from Mumbai. Vaibhav Arekar knows exactly how to make use of the directions and how to cover the linear and horizontal spaces on stage to create a beautiful motional painting. Remaining true to its meaning Nibandhana, the transitions in the composition was also "bound together" in the aspects of ragas as well. The epic Bhairavi Varnam in roopaka talam was presented effortlessly by the dancers. The smooth movements, the depictions, and the transition from Jathis to Sahitya was indeed a treat to the audience. Vaibhav Arekar referred to Nibandhana as "binding together" of Atman with Paramatman but as he performed the beautiful ashtapadi "Priye Charusheele," he took the audience along on an emotional ride. With his excellent vision, creativity, choreography and presentation the rasikas had "bound together" with him and the ensemble musicians. The team then presented its last choreography Brindavani Thillana by Balamuralikrishna. The perfect balance between the musicians and the dancers was a magical blend bought together by Arekar through Nibandhana. Nibandhana was the showstopper of the first day of the 39th Natya Kala Conference. Looking forward to the other four days of knowledge, learning and enjoyment.

Ayana Perla is a student of Guru Sharadamani Shekhar (Mangaluru) and Dr. Rajashree Warrior (Thiruvananthapuram).

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