Variety entertainment by children at the Senate House 
December 30, 2007 

Sri Sumukhi Rajasekharan Memorial Foundation presented an exclusive cultural program KAAVIYA GAANAMUM - KADAMBA NADANAMUM (A variety entertainment of golden melodies and colourful dances of India) on the historic occasion of the inauguration of the XIV Annual Session of the Tamilnadu History Congress (State Level Conference). The event was held on Friday, 14th December, 2007 at the historic Senate House, University of Madras, Chennai. 
About 25 participants of different age groups (school and college level) presented a colourful variety of items, based on semi classical and folk numbers both in music and dance. Revathy Sankkaran anchored the show in a very lively manner. The majestic Senate House was filled with a galaxy of former Vice-Chancellors, historians, intellectuals, scholars, professors, researchers, students and delegates from various parts of South India numbering around 300. It was a milestone in the children’s artistic career. The efforts of the 'Mylapore Trio' (Amarnath, Surendranath and Aparna) in training, organizing and presenting a colorful show featuring the talented children were appreciated. 
All the participants were given certificates which bore the insignia of the 150th year celebration of The University of Madras and that of the Tamilnadu History Congress. The members of the Foundation thanked Dr. G Venkataraman and Dr. Prema Kasturi for the wonderful opportunity given to showcase the talent of the young generation. 
The University of Madras was established in 1857, on the lines of the Oxford University of England, by the then Governor General of India - Lord Dalhousie. It is considered to be the Mother of all South Indian Universities. The imposing Senate House is of Indo-Saracenic style of Architecture.