Ambassador of Indian dance culture  
- Daniel Urech, Land for Life, Switzerland 
October 16, 2007 

In Geneva at the final event of Land for Life – Switzerland's supporting March to Janadesh 2007, D Keshava played a very important role. He performed several dances after a public round table discussion on land rights issues with the participation of the former Swiss President Ruth Dreifuss. Those dances included impressive scenic shows of farmers’ lives. Thus, Keshava made it possible to create a bridge between the sober and theoretical discussion and the world of art and dance. He showed himself not only as a dancer but as an actor who showed e.g., a farmer and his cattle, who are sent away from their grounds. 

At the Usine - alternative party center at the shore of the lake of Geneva, Keshava was part of the successful Bollywood party. With his great joy of life he performed some more dances to recent Bollywood songs. He must be remembered by everybody who was at the party especially for his performances including the audience into his dances. Many people joined him at the dance floor trying to do some of the simple Bollywood moves and steps he was showing. He did it with so much success, that he was asked to dance again and again. 

Keshava was a great ambassador of the Indian dance culture with his exceptional joy of life and energy at these events of Land for Life in Geneva.