Naatya Gurukulam 2007 at Yogaville 
September 6, 2007 

The 19th Naatya Adhyayana Gurukulam summer camp at Yogaville Virginia (USA) under the inspiring teachings of the Dhananjayans of Bharatakalanjali, Chennai, concluded on 5th August 2007.  A trend setting event in the US, it is one of its kind attracting students from different parts of the globe.  Padmarani Canto very ably assisted in conducting this real Gurukulam, a "home away from home."  
The junior camp this commenced on 30th June and culminated on July 21st.  There were 34 participants. Fifteen of them were new and the others have been attending between 3 to 5 years continuously. 

The Gurus and students
The second camp is usually open to senior performing artistes and teachers. Out of the 13 participants, 6 were full time Bharatanaatyam teachers.  The second camp also culminated with a gala performance which attracted a large crowd from the Yogaville community and nearby towns. The participants' parents and friends also attended this event which lent a festive atmosphere in the Satchidananda Ashram, otherwise very calm and quiet with serene Yogic activities and retreats.  

The Yogaville village always enthusiastically looks forward to this annual Naatya Gurukulam event. Next year (2008) is the twentieth (20th) year of this unique Gurukulam completing 30 summer camps.  

A great get-together of Yogaville Fine Arts Society's alumni is being planned as part of the 20th year celebration. The first camp will commence on 28th June 2008 and second two week camp from 20th July 2008.  

For details contact Rukmini Rasiah (President FAS) at (434) - 969 - 3210 (telefax) or