Aalaya Natya Sammelanam 
August 9, 2007 

Abhinaya Darpana Arts Academy headed by Voleti Rangamani, presented a Kuchipudi dance program Aalaya Natya Sammelanam at Sri Thyagaraya Ganasabha, Hyderabad, on 4th August 2007. The highlight of the program was the presentation of picture forming temple ritual dances, Simhanandini, Mayura Kauthvam and Mahalaxmi Udbhavam simultaneously by 5 dancers at a time on the stage forming 5 pictures of Lion, Peacock and Lotus by footwork on the color powder spread over the floor. The Pallaki procession of Goddess Lakshmi in the auditorium symbolizing the ancient culture of Rath Yatra was an added attraction.

Simhanandini (Lion), Mayura Kauthvam (Peacock) and 
Mahalakshmi Udbhavam (Lotus) performed by 5 dancers
Simhanandini (Lion) dance 
by Maheswari
In the first part of the program, traditional Kuchipudi dances presented were Ganapathi Stuthi (Jhem Jhem Thanana) by Mounica, Apoorva, Prathima, Mrudula, Vaishnavi, Sunidhi; Dashavatharalu (A group dance depicting ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu) by Ramanujam, Bhargavi, Pavani, Maheswari, Pranavi and Samyukta; and Annamayya Keerthana, Thandanana (A group Kuchipudi dance in folk style).

The highlight of the program was Aalaya Natya Sammelanam with 'Mahalaxmi Udbhavam' by Rekha Madan, 'Mayura Kauthvam' by Ramanujam and Bhargavi and 'Simhanandini' by Pavani and Maheshwari.

Mayura Kauthvam (Peacock) dance 
by Bhargavi 
Mahalakshmi Udbhavam(Lotus) dance 
by Rekha Madan
During ancient times, on festive occasions in temples, the temple dancers used to dance in front of the Rath (chariot) before the start of Rath Yathra and used to form the pictures of the Vaahana or vehicle of the deity of the Rath with foot work on the rangoli powder spread in front of the Rath. They used to form the pictures of Lion, Vaahana of Goddess Durgadevi when the temple deity was Durgadevi. For the temple deity of Lord Kumaraswamy, they used to form the picture of his Vaahana, the Peacock. Likewise for Goddess Laxmidevi, they used to form the picture of the Lotus. These dances are Simhanandini, Mayura Kauthvam and Mahalaxmi Udbhavam respectively. 

Renowned Kuchipudi dance guru late C R Acharya (the father of Voleti Rangamani) had brought back this ancient and forgotten dance form to limelight after a long research.  These dances have been performed several times at various places on various occasions. But the program of 4th August 2007 was special because 5 dancers performed 'Simhanandini,' 'Mayura Kauthvam' and 'Mahalaxmi Udbhavam' simultaneously at a time on the stage. The Pallaki procession of Goddess Laxmidevi in the auditorium took the audience into a devotional mood.

The supporting orchestra comprised of nattuvangam by Voleti Rangamani, vocal by DSV Shastry, mridangam by Rajagopala Charyulu, violin by Muralidhara Charyulu and flute by Venkatesh.