Nritarutya takes dance to the corporate world 
June 27, 2007 

NRITARUTYA the Indian contemporary dance company from Bangalore has always endeavored to promote and forward the cause of art and dance education.

As part of their trust educational activities Nritarutya conducted a lecture demonstration at the Bangalore campus of Wipro on the latest innovations in the dance turf. It was followed by a session on creativity by Professor Pradip Khandwalla. The participants also got a glimpse of the company work and took part in the movement workshop held there after. 

This workshop saw participation of top level executives of 5 of the most reputed companies in India today Wipro, Mahindra and Mahindra Aditya Birla, HLL, HDFC and Genpact.

The Dance Company received a tremendous feed back for their efforts. When the participants were asked to come up with metaphors for their experience at the workshop they came up with responses from 'born free', 'anti-rust', 'office workers' to 'jumping jacks', 'breaking monotony' to 'intellect to kicks'. 

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